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Tetris World Tour was developed on the TAG platform by the great Ed Logg. Ed is responsible for, among many other classic games, the infamous Tengen version of Tetris on the NES. As is always the case with Ed's games, his TAG version was extremely solid, even with the platform's inherent input latency.

So why is this game in my portfolio? Well, Tetris World Tour was originally deployed on TAG's Thunder platform, but at the time we were also supporting a legacy Flash channel. That channel had been languishing for a while without any updates, and we wanted to give the users something new. So, we decided to make a Flash version of Tetris World Tour. I was tasked with the job.

The task was relatively straightforward, with one notable constraint: the timeframe. Since this project was for a legacy product, we did not want to spend too much time on it. Ultimately, I wrote the game in about a week and it went through another week or so of QA. It was quickly deployed, and the legacy users lived happily ever after... until the channel was finally shuttered a couple of years later.

Tetris World Tour


Company: TAG Networks

Platform: ICTV (Flash iTV)

Language: Flash/ActionScript 3

My Role: Programmer

Team Size: 1 person